April 26, 2017

Unstopp is born as the first fashion innovation platform in Spain

Its main objective is to connect entrepreneurs, professionals and consolidated companies in the fashion sector

Unstopp is born with the aim of being the link between emerging talent and new entrepreneurs that encompasses the fashion sector and all the professionals and companies already consolidated that are part of the same fabric.

In this way, a platform is born for the first time dedicated to creating innovation programs to boost everything related to fashion in Spain. This new platform proposes three verticals in which it develops its activity, taking the user both to create his own company, to receive training, and to work hand in hand with first level companies.

On the one hand, it organizes the first fashion hackathon in Spain, called ’Fashion Weekend Lab’, whose two editions held in Madrid and Barcelona have been very positive, with 18 fashion startups created from scratch.

On the other hand, they propose training capsules given by professionals of first level, with a duration of three hours each, and focused on very specific aspects of the design, business development, finance, sustainability or communication and marketing.

Finally, they work with leading companies as a talent connector, creating programs and open innovation activities for them. Adolfo Berraquero, CEO of Unstopp affirms: “We started this road when we saw the lack of knowledge that the entrepreneur had in his beginnings. Now we position as the link that need the ones who want to start, as the others who need to innovate”.

Unstopp was born in October 2016 and has already announced some of the activities that are scheduled for the rest of the year in cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Lugo.