April 01, 2015


The exhibition can be seen until August 31st in the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum and it is is a unique opportunity for lovers of both art and fashion.

“The 50s. Fashion in France (1947-1957)” is a tour of the Golden Decade of Parisian fashion since the birth of the New Look until the death of Christian Dior. 110 dresses of the main protagonists of that era with shoes, swimwear, lingerie, dresses and jewelry allow us to position ourselves well in the social environment of the French capital after the Second World War.

The evolution of the female figure is perfectly reflected. We can see how it slowly breaks with the sobriety of the early years, late 40´s, to offer the revival of French couture as diminished since the beginning of the century with the crisis of 1929.

Its protagonists: the works that Dior, Cardin, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Schiaparelli, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent Young, among others, left the world in the art of dressing. An exhibition in Paris and triumphed in his museum of fashion, the Palais Galliera and fortunately we can see now in Bilbao with Miren Arzalluz, an expert on history of costume and fashion, as associate curator.

At Bilbao International Art&Fashion we feel very proud to offer this exhibition. It does not disapoint you