October 26, 2018

The universe of Miriam Ocariz in Bilbao

Sala Rekalde presents the universe of Miriam Ocariz in this exhibition, her personal look and the representation of her imaginative nature.

The exhibition is beyond the world of fashion and shows all the creative imagery of the artist paying special attention to the drawing as the basis of her creation process.

Miriam Ocariz is an established designer in the field of fashion, whose hallmark, apart from the construction and design of the garment, is a distinctly graphic component that is embodied in different pattern printing techniques, with fabric being the fundamental medium for her drawings.

This exhibition, going beyond fashion, traces a route focused on her most inner creative work and pays special attention to drawing, as an essential and initial source of all her production. The drawing is intervened and manipulated by the artist in multiple variations: printed on wallpaper, clothing, accessories, household linen, etc., and, at the same time, she creates a whole range of items, jewels, sculptures and installations. In other words, her capacity to analyse and relate to the drawing develops into other media beyond the discipline of drawing itself.

The common thread or plot of the exhibition is colour, as a connecting link running throughout the room. From white to black and red, and not forgetting pink, Miriam Ocariz’s emblematic colour, and back to the beginning; they are all colours that make up the artist’s specific, unique and own universe. The naivety, humour, irony, drama, visceral, fantastic and the real are intermingled in the same way as her plastic languages, along with the ever present colour in her illustrated stories, set the narrative.

Each of Miriam Ocariz’s drawings shows us an episode of her reality, an image from this truthful and fantasy landscape. She thus manages to draw the viewer into her truth; sometimes contradictory, other times touching, always hard and constant, yet delicate. Her work and her life coexist somewhere between romanticism and realism.

The whole perimeter of the room is covered by a large mural that acts as the medium for the exhibition. An amalgam of drawings is used there to depict different emotional states symbolised in colours and strokes. Different rooms are also used to embody those states in open yet interlinked spaces. Colours order those vital moments, with the objects and

drawing shaping the installations and creating the different scenes, highlighted by the garments and accompanied by photographs and images that reflect a two-way path, a past returning to the present with glances to the future. Sala Rekalde thus becomes a venue for Miriam Ocariz’s obsessions.

Sala Rekalde, Bilbao