November 30, 2017

Samsung EGO 2018

EGO is a committee for young talents in fashion which is held twice a year as part of MBFWM, a great space for the promotion of Spanish fashion and foremost reference.

EGO started in February of 2006, in order to get to know designers that understood fashion as a way of expressing themselves, as an artistic discipline that is part of the culture of their time, with the justification that it would end up on the street, that it would be accepted by the society and that it would continue its evolutionary path discovering new styles, innovative trends…

To sum up, a place to get together and show alternative proposals that won’t be any longer, once everybody have assumed them, and from this moment on, keep on researching and offering new designs to a growing dizzying world.

Therefore, and based on the premise that holds that a garment makes sense when a person chooses it to wear it, IFEMA started from the first edition of this platform the so called EGO’s Showroom, a place with direct sales and open to the public that is kept open in the same place and during the same dates as MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID, where young artists exhibit their collections.

How to participate? You can see the participation rules by clicking here.