August 21, 2017


RiverBlue is a shocking documentary directed by David McIlvride and Roger Williams who aims to raise awareness about the effects of the fashion industry on the environment.

Water traverses the planet traveling from mountains to the oceans and back again as rain, flowing water and snow, completing a cycle of lifethat has sustained the planet for millennia. RiverBlue is an ambitious documentary film focused on the impact that the manufacturing of our clothing has on some of the major waterways of the planet.

Next to oil, the Fashion Industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world. Billions of gallons of river water are used in the process of manufacturing our clothing… and the waste water, noxious chemicals, carcinogens and dyesused in that process, are pumped directly back into the rivers.

These rivers serve as the main water sources for billions of people. RiverBlue has traversed the globe, documenting the major river systems affected by industrial nations, who to date, have implemented little or no environmental protections to accommodate the massive increase in toxic waste created.

The production group has spoken with environmentalists, clothing manufacturers and global water conservationists who are focusingtheir energies towards responsible manufacturing, in an effort to reverse theenvironmental damage that the toxic waste water has created.

As a consequence of NAFTA and increased corporate profits, large fashion brands and manufacturers who were legally accountable to produce in an environmentally sustainable manner in North America, have outsourced jeanand textile manufacturing to countries where environmental protections are woefully inadequate.

It is very important for the filmmaker’s to present positive solutions to the existing river pollution problem, to show the audience that, with action,there is hope. Based on the subject matter, universal implications and the global market for RiverBlue, there is the potential to change not only the individual viewbut the societal collective on how our clothes are made. RiverBlue highlights the new technology that exists, which limits the amount of water andchemicals used to manufacture our clothing.

RiverBlue has the potential to positively affect a change in: Jean and textile manufacturing, Consumer attitudes toward consumption, Government attitudes and policy Corporate environmental practices andinvestment. Visit: to learn more about sustainable fashion.