February 19, 2018

MUSA says no to plastic bags

Sandra Muro, founder of MUSA, launches her own brand; an initiative that promotes the replacement of plastic bags by organic cotton tote-bags.

MUSA has a very close relationship with the art. What are your main sources of inspiration?

Since I was little I loved the world of the arts, not only painting, but also music. I would say that it is one of my main sources of inspiration. I love listening music and I also play the guitar. A year ago I bought a ukulele, and there I was pick and shove trying to learn to play another instrument.

In addition to that the trips I’ve made throughout my short life. I am passionate about traveling, knowing new places and different cultures. From each trip I can find something that catches my attention and helps me to create something new.

300 plastic bags per person in one year … In addition to replacing them with a totebag, should we reduce our consumption rate?

Today we live in a consumer society. It is very difficult to reduce the rate of consumption, but it should not be complicated for the people to start accepting consumption habits more respectful with nature. For example, connecting it to our product, use reusable bags in the supermarket. Do not take excessive plastic bags in the greengrocer, but put different products in the same bag …

Is MUSA open to the participation of other artists as designers?

We had not thought about it, but why not? We are a collaborative brand. In fact, we have collaborated with artists. We recently supported Amaia Miranda, a Basque singer-songwriter based in Barcelona, at the launch of her new album.

What are your goals with MUSA for this 2018?

Our main objective is to raise awareness, we live in a world where everything goes very fast and we rarely stop to think about the consequences of what we consume. We want to bet on a world more ecofriendly with our bit, reach people and convey our message.

One of the questions we asked ourselves at the beginning was the possibility of setting a trend in a respectful way with the planet and that is our challenge: to unite fashion and ecology in the same project.
On the other hand, we want to continue improving our product, the first circulation has been in organic cotton 100% cotton manufactured in Nürnberg and currently, we are looking for companies that can provide us with natural paintings, we have several already registered in Barcelona.

During 2018, do you plan to expand the MUSA project and its philosophy to other textile products?

It is a possibility that we have open because in this market you always have to pay attention to what society demands. We have in mind throwing cloth napkins with the intention of reducing paper consumption, but it is still only an idea.