July 06, 2017

Mary Quant: Fashion Icon

An exhibition in Manchester examines the work of Swinging London’s most notable designer

The sixties were in London a revolutionary and
effervescent period in pop culture. In fashion, this revolution came by the
hand of Mary Quant, internationally known as the creator of the miniskirt. The
Gallery of Costume of Manchester presents the exhibition Mary Quant: Fashion Icon until November 5th, displaying
22 outfits that the designer created in the 60s and 70s, example of her famous
Chelsea Look, popularized by model Twiggy. Dresses and miniskirts made in
fabrics such as PVC, plastic and synthetic.

Quant expanded her label (with her symbolic
logotype of a daisy) to rainwear, thighs and cosmetics. Reference of the Swinging London, her simple, colourful,
and casual style contrasted with the rigidity of the period, becoming a
favourite among young people.

More information at: http://manchesterartgallery.org/exhibitions-and-events/exhibition/mary-quant/