July 21, 2018

Latam Fashion Summit

Latam Fashion Summit will make history in Mexico, we met with Samantha Stams, Co-founder and Director of Latam Fashion Summit.

From November 8 to 11, the first edition of Latam Fashion Summit will take place in Riviera Maya (Mexico), exclusively, with all the details:

How and why do you decide to create Latam Fashion Summit?

We, the co-founders of LAFS, have worked for more than 15 years in retail in Mexico and the US as buyers, consultants and also in magazines such as Vogue USA and this has allowed us to get closer to Latin American designers.

Throughout these years we have verified an elementary factor. The designers had a lot of expertise in design and pattern making but they did not know how to achieve a viable business model and it’s not really their fault, but the teaching in Latin America is not focused on business, which is an important strategic error.

For these reasons, we create a platform with relevant content for marketing, and that will address the challenges we have as technology, sustainability and social impact and above all empower Latin American design with tools, knowledge, experiences and networking.

What do you expect from this first edition?

The main objective is to give designers and students valuable content through workshops with internationally renowned mentors, address the new challenges of the industry and promote innovative business models. In addition, networking will be a key issue in this edition since attendees will be able to dine together with the great gurus of the industry.

An important section of the Latam Fashion Summit is focused on sustainability and Social Responsibility…

We are not a sustainability platform but it is very important for us. The future of fashion is sustainability, transparency in the entire value chain and our duty is to provide a large space where designers learn and are formed.