July 10, 2017

Force of Nature at The Museum at FIT

The exhibition reflects on the influence of nature in design

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of
Technology (FIT) presented last May the exhibition Force of Nature, which can
be visited until November 18th. The exhibition examines the multiple
connections between fashion and nature, and how the natural world influences
design. Showcasing more than 90 pieces, from the 18th century to the
present, the display also reflects on the contribution to natural sciences of
important figures such as Charles Darwin, Rachel Carson or Albert Einstein.

The exhibition begins with two dresses designed
by Alexander McQueen, a fashion designer for whom nature was a recurring theme.
Other garments displayed include references to the elements, climate change,
the language of flowers or the animal world. The display ends with a critical reflection
on the complex relationship between the fashion industry and its impact on the
environment, examining the work of designers and labels that work for
sustainability nowadays.

More information at https://www.fitnyc.edu/museum/exhibitions/force-of-nature.php