November 02, 2015


BIAAF, ISEM and El Corte Inglés get together to create an unforgettable experience for 12 young designers.

It is a great opportunity for Spanish designers as well as for the international ones, to develop their careers and also create an international network. The first stage of the program consists of a one week intensive course on Spanish Fashion Business models with lessons from relevant ISEM/IESE/UNAV teachers and lectures from key industry executives and then a 6 months internship at the Spanish department store El Corte Inglés.

The fast pace of Fashion Business today brings up the need of professionals with 360º industry insight able to deliver best creativity design process to create the wow reaction in the consumer. Competitive business models are those which deliver best designs at the best prices at the right moment.

The intensive program on Spanish Fashion Business aimed to international fashion design students willing to an immersion in the keys of the Spanish fast fashion business models.

The first stage took place last week where 12 designers from different nationalities, studied in a dynamic and interactive way real life cases of outstanding Spanish fashion brands such as Loewe, Camper, Violeta by Mango, Privalia and Zara.

The session which caused a bigger impact was the one by Antonio Marcos. He clearly explained the whole process of the campaign creation, from the colour palette selection to the implementation in store, making a meticulous stop in each step of the process.

Another featured activity was to explore the windows display in situ, having a tour around Madrid. Analyzing the importance of the brand presentation considering what it needs to express and make the brand concept clear for the costumer.

Subsequently they presented works by teams, where the mix of cultures had an amazing result. Daniel Santos, Nur Gónzalez and Anastasia Entin had an outstanding performance.

All that they have learnt during the past week will help them to develop in an optimum way all their ideas and creations for El Corte Inglés.

Now they are entering the second stage, the 6 months internship. We are sure they will live a memorable experience.