April 19, 2020

Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks 2020

We interviewed Jordana Guimarães founder of Fashinnovation a few days before the start of Worldwide Talks 2020.

Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks 2020 is held on April 20 and 21 completely online (you can register for free here) and will bring together the great leaders of the industry from Business of Fashion, Kering group, Parsons … with personalities and activists such as Carry Somers or Diane von Furstenberg.

BIAAF: In times of COVID19, Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks 2020 will be a turning point for the fashion industry with more than 80 speakers and 25 panels… What we can expect/learn about this virtual meeting?

Jordana: It is more important than ever to bring the fashion industry internationally together as ONE at this time – alone we have strength but united the force is undeniable to beat this common enemy together. We will speak on solidarity, compassion, inspiration as well as ways in which businesses and designers are adapting the current climate in their business models and pivoting in order to try and survive this as well as what “the future of fashion” looks like.

BIAAF: Fashinnovation is focused on the Sustainable Development Goals… This year started the countdown… A decade to achieve the SDGs… We will make it? In your point of view, how the fashion industry can contribute to achieving them?

Jordana: This is something that will take time, however, prior to the pandemic we had already been seeing a shift from brands and companies adapting sustainability into their business models – some more than others – and I feel that after all of this subsides, it’ll be even more apparent (as it’s now being) just how important this is.

BIAAF: Fashion Revolution, BOF, Parsons, Kering Group… Is Fashinnovation the place to be?

Jordana: Fashinnovation is a community (inclusive) of leaders in the fashion space that make the industry a better place through action as well as social impact – #FashionIsToLove

BIAAF: How do you think young fashion designers can lead the sustainable fashion?

Jordana: I think sustainability comes in different faces – just through simply daily actions you can start to be more sustainable and then it becomes a lifestyle. The first step is to understand “sustainability” and think: “how is it that I can adapt this into what I do?”.

From BIAAF we join the Fashinnovation campaign #FashionIsToLove and we will attend the Worldwide Talks 2020 virtual conferences, a unique event to share experiences and continue building a fairer fashion industry for everyone.