May 02, 2019

Bilbao Art District from May 2 to 12

Bilbao Art District is back in the city of contemporary art, we tell you all the news in this post!

Every time are the most opportunities that we Bilbao have to be able to enjoy the best art at street level, without a doubt, one of those great occasions is every edition of Bilbao Art District. Since 2013, BAD has been committed to contemporary art in all its expressions and has managed to consolidate itself as a European benchmark by mobilizing an entire city like Bilbao for art and culture for 10 days.

Bilbao Art District returns to the city with a lot of installations and artistic interventions, conferences and talks. In addition, one of the strengths of BAD is the large number of locations where the activities will take place: Bilbao Arte, Azkuna Zentroa, Sala Rekalde, Ensanche Building or Doña Casilda Park.

Today the new edition of ADB has been presented at Azkuna Zentroa and as a public-private project it has had the support of the institutions, during its intervention, the promoters have defended the main objective of this edition: “reflect, promote and vindicate the value economic, social, or cultural that generate the visual arts. ”

Some of the participating artists are Isaac Cordal, Gala Knörr, Mireia Sallarès, Aimar Arriola, Tunipanea, Blanca de la Torre, Miriam Isasi, Saray Pérez, Miriam Rodríguez, Colectivo Hemen, Laura Martínez, Caostica, Helena Goñi, Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta , Colectivo Haria, Felipe Gil, Blanca Ortiga, Maria Ptqk, Carles Saurì, Beñat Krolem, María Benito, Eriz Moreno, Aitziber Escudero, Saioa Olmo, Raquel Meyers, Álvaro Aroca, Miriam Martínez, Leonidas Spinelli and Marta Mantecón.

Check out all the activities here.

Bilbao Art District is a public-private initiative whose objective is to highlight the value of art in Bilbao and to support the activity that develops from the artistic and cultural fabric of the city as a strategic element in its development and projection towards the future.