July 24, 2019

BBK Foundation and BIAAF launch call for young fashion designers

One more year the BBK Foundation and BIAAF launch a high performance training call for young fashion designers

Advanced Fashion Design: “Disorder, Excess, Instability, Control”

Your research should inspire and inform creative developments by cutting shapes, building them, making samples, prototypes, developing surfaces and developing your designs on both mannequins and paper.
Using one of these starting points, create a contemporary, innovative and relevant collection, inspired by the interpretations and personal conclusions that you have reached throughout the exploration made for the creation of your portfolio.

Interpret your ideas using creative, experimental and abstract research paths, as well as exploring your own conceptions and points of view. You will produce an extensive research body in an experimental document format, searching and collecting images from various sources of objects or clothing , drawing, and taking your own photographs as a source of inspiration.

You will process your visual research by developing creative paths to explore your design ideas through collage, drawing and 3D using mannequins to decide on proportions, volumes and techniques.

Your 3D and 2D experiments will be translated into forms when working directly on mannequins, creating responses by forming silhouettes resulting from your own research that will be transformed throughout a process of creation in experimental toiles, samples of clothing finishes, ornamentation of pieces and decoration of surfaces, which gives rise to a complete and extensive design process whose final result is a collection of contemporary, innovative and authentic designs.

GOAL: Make you look at art to find research topics, ideas, inspiration, crafts, new techniques, concepts and working methods that can inspire you to reflect and explore new ways to create an ambitious and innovative silhouette.

DISPLAYABLE ARCHITECTURE: Looking for Form: Sculptural forms – architectural structures – dramatic form and proportion: Zaha Hadid, Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray, Tony Cragg, Richard Serra, Anish Kapoor, Barbara Hepworth, Phylllida Barlowe, Christo, Mona Hatoum.

FLUID BODY: Bodies in Motion: Physical deformation of the body, exaggerated postures, body extensions: Merce Cunningham / Scenario, Martha Graham / Lamentation, Pina Bauch, Robert Lepage, Michael Clark, Niki De Saint Phalle

HANDCRAFTED GARMENTS: Expansive Silhouettes: Abstract Distortion – Deployable Shapes- Bulks- Objects with Own Life: Louise Bourgeois, Hans Bellmer, Rebecca Horn, Isamu Noguchi, Naum Gabo, Damien Hirst, Chiharu Shiota, Richard Serra

UTILITY AND FORM: Showing and Protecting: Exposing – showing – molding – fabrics such as armor – fragile structures: Eva Hesse, Doris Salcedo, Berlinde De Bruyckiere, Lucy Orta, Francesca Woodman, Karla Black, Anselm Kiefer

The final result is to present a garment concept with a STRONG SILHOUETTE in TOILE format MADE IN A SINGULAR FABRIC capable of delivering a powerful message on the catwalk:

-Wrap / Outer garment that communicates the most powerful concept of your collection.
-Concept of dress that incorporates all your ideas of the collection.
-Other loose pieces that are spectacular (in volume) that launch a powerful message about your collection.


– All students should investigate the list of topics mentioned above as a starting point for their research.

– Choose a general theme as well as a group of artists of the different themes and develop their own personal research within the chosen field of research.

– Choose the identity of the garments that they want to produce as the culmination of the course (historical research on coats, outerwear, tailoring, dresses …) SINGULAR PIECES that they can use as a base for the silhouette that they want to develop later as PIECE OF PASSENGER.

– All students should find an appropriate fabric and make the toile well in contrast (white / black etc …), well with an appropriate pattern / weight


– Personal portfolio that explains your creative and research process to create the collection, full of inspiration, drawings, ideas, samples, surface decoration, prints, embroidery and samples of finished clothing, fully finished 3D and 2D experimentation processes.

– A set of innovative experiments in toile that have been interpreted in a creative way from your research with at least 1 look in toile completely resolved.

– 6 illustrations completed in portfolio presentation format.

Your work will be presented in an exhibition format at the end of the project.


CANDIDATE PROFILE: Young designers from Bizkaia who wish to develop their own collection and have sufficient knowledge of English.


Those interested should submit their request including PORTFOLIO, MOTIVACIÓN LETTER AND C.V. via this form, stating your name, surname, telephone number and ID before August 20, 2019.

A selection committee formed by Bilbao International Art & Fashion and BBK Fundazioa and the tutors of Central Saint Martin’s will select 12 candidates who will be awarded.

Organized by Bilbao International Art & Fashion in collaboration with Central Saint Martin’s / Sponsor BBK Fundazioa