July 28, 2017

Asociación de Moda Sostenible de Perú

Fashion Café with Asociación de Moda Sostenible de Perú

During our trip to Uruguay we met four entrepreneurs who in 2015 founded Asociación de Moda Sostenible de Perú. When we commented that in July we would travel to Peru, they did not hesitate to invite us to participate in one of their already well-known Fashion Cafés – every three months, fashion referents take part.

It was a great opportunity to know the work of artisans, entrepreneurs and small fashion companies. For more than an hour, we were able to share our impressions of European and Latin American fashion and officially present the VI edition of the BIAAF competition.

Asociación de Moda Sostenible de Perú

The AMSP emerges with the aim of promoting and positioning Sustainable Fashion among entrepreneurs, designers, companies, organizations, State, projects of the textile / clothing sector and fashion, and society in general.

AMSP believes that the practice of sustainability principles in the textile / clothing and fashion sector is a process of continuous improvement that will contribute to the development of the sector and the country in a viable, fair and beneficial way, based on three aspects: economic, social and environmental. The AMSP is the referent of sustainable fashion in Peru.