January 03, 2018

2017 in data

2017 has been an amazing year full of trips and experiences. These 365 days have been full of people with initiatives, projects and desire to consolidate BIAAF as international flagship in the emerging fashion. 

In the last twelve months we have visited from Japan to Latin America through Italy and each of our trips have reaffirmed our commitment to the industry and to the youngest. In this post we summarize the main milestones of 2017 but remember, the best is yet to come:

III BIAAF Forum: Fashion Entrepreneurial Essentials

BIAAF at Saint Martins

The designers of BIAAF returned to Central Saint Martins thanks to the grant from the BBK Foundation, in the framework of our collaboration with Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa

BIAAF leads the SDGs in emerging design 

BIAAF reaffirms its commitment to the SDGs by showing its work in the meeting of the UNESCO network of the Basque Country and taking part in “Strategic alliances” organized by Innobasque.

2018, our best year ever

During the first semester of 2018 we will organize different activities because of BIAAF international emerging design constest

1st stage: In March 2018 a Commission, set up specifically for the competition and made up of leading professionals in the sector, will choose 30 finalists from amongst contestants in both categories. These finalists will be asked to complete the manufacture of their other two sketches presented, as completely finished works in their corresponding materials

2nd stage: During the second stage,a Jury called for the occasion will select a winner in each category form amongst the 30 finalists.