marzo 29, 2017

The Mapfre Foundation hosts some of the Italian masterpieces of the XX century.

Easter holidays are coming, the perfect moment for a trip to Madrid where you can enjoy the many exhibitions that take place in the city during these months. Today we highlight «Retorno a la belleza. Obras maestras del arte italiano de entreguerras», at Mapfre Foundation until the 4th of June. The exhibitions show some of the Italian masterpieces of the first and second decade of the XX century, with artists such as Carrá, Morandi, Casorati, Donghi or De Chirico.

A period of time distraught by the Great War when the vanguards suggested a «return to order», resuming classic techniques and giving a sense of modernism to realism. The exhibition dives into artistic movements like Metaphysical Art , the Novecento or magical realism, with beauty as the main theme. A turbulent age that these artists tried to counteract by giving a sense of equilibrium, calm and serenity to their work.

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