octubre 10, 2015


The collection WALKING UP THE MONTAINS was developed as an experimental work.
They literraly grew the collection. They started with basic raw organic fabrics and they treated and dyed them with natural pigments that do not produce toxic waste.

They grew plants, cactus and flowers as embroidery to create accesories like a hanging garden and an edible portable garden.

It was about a vision. Fashion and design as something conceptual and aesthetic.
They used thermochronic pigments in some designs, making certain colors fade out with body temperature.
The accesories are acuatic plants, and covers for tables and smartphones made in organic fabric, wood and plants.
The collection is compostable.

Parallel to «growing» their collection they worked with bio-luminiscent algae cultures. These algae are being studied due to their alternative lighting potential. When they are disturbed or moved they shine with a blue turquoise light during their night cycle. They also purify the air.

They are a metaphor for their collection. Sustainability, conciousness and yet so aesthetic.


Photos: vogue.es