noviembre 08, 2021


Manager, writer and Art expert as well as a pharmacy Graduate, he was appointed Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of France.

Under his management, Viar consolidated the prestige of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. In 2015 BIAAF had the enormous privilege of collaborating in the exhibition «The 50s. Fashion in France (1947-1957)», a journey through the decade The golden age of Parisian fashion from the birth of the New Look to the death of Christian Dior, an exhibition that had already triumphed in Paris at its fashion museum, the Palais Galliera and that fortunately, we were able to see in Bilbao with Miren Arzalluz, also a member of BIAAF’s Advisory Committee and current director of the Palais Galliera de Paris, as associate curator of the same.

We share with all of you the heartfelt words of our president, Victoria Cañas:

«Javier!!! You have always surprised us, this time too much. We want you with us, we need you at BIAAF. THANK YOU.

Posh apothecary !!! Masterful in your formulas, you navigated with ease through the freest spaces that culture allows to approach.

Our queries were trivial or of enormous significance, they received solutions wrapped in your unique, sincere, warm vision … »

Rest in Peace