October 12, 2018

Yves Saint Laurent's Museum in Marrakech

One of the must-sees in Marrakech for any fashion lover is the Yves Saint Laurent museum. 

Openned in October 2017, the YSL museum stands out in the Moroccan city as a focus of elegance and savoir faire that perfectly reflects the brilliant legacy of one of the most famous designers of the 20th century.

With only three rooms (one for temporary exhibitions and two for the permanent collection of YSL) this center offers a complete experience to the visitor. When entering an open hall presided over by a giant and ostentatious YSL logo, it makes us think that what we are going to see inside is just another superfluous fashion exhibition.

However, once the door of the first room is passed, we immerse ourselves in a journey through time until we reach the beginnings of Saint Laurent in Dior (he barely lasted two years in the house and set out to found his own brand) . A chronological axis accompanied by audiovisual material makes us immerse ourselves in the life of the couturier from his professional successes to his great love and business partner: Pierre Bergé.

The second room offers us a global vision of the work of YSL in front of its brand, more than 30 mannequins with projections of the parades on the walls of the room give note of the genius of this designer. To finish the visit, the most recommendable thing to do before going to the museum store is to stop in the auditorium to enjoy the documentary about Saint Laurent, a journey through his life that leaves us such famous phrases as: The tendencies disappear, the style is eternal.