February 14, 2019

Young designers from New York, Tel Aviv, Bilbao and Antwerp meet at Madrid Design Festival

Until Saturday, February 16, BIAAF, a reference platform for emerging design, brings together young fashionistas in an innovative workshop

Madrid Design Festival hosts “Soul of Glass” an innovative bootcamp for co-creation and support for emerging young and creative talent. The committee of experts, made up of BIAAF, has selected the participants of the Royal Academy of Antwerp, the Shenkar School of Israel and the FIT of New York. The international designers will live for four days with the creators of BIAAF, a reference platform in emerging fashion Europe based in Bilbao.

Until Saturday, February 16, the participating designers will learn the importance of light, shapes, textures, compositions … through glass, one of the most complex, delicate and magical materials in the creation of all kinds of pieces . The Soul of Glass program, designed by Aristocrazy under the tutelage of the design studio Mayice, includes a visit to the Museum of the Royal Glass Factory located in La Granja de San Ildefonso, in which selected participants can enjoy a masterclass taught by a master glassmaker with more than twenty years of experience. During this session, participants will learn about some of the techniques used in this material, such as blowing cane or transforming glass into borosilicate glass, popularly known as Pyrex.

Designers will have to work on concepts, ideas and forms to create a unique, exclusive and conceptual piece that represents the values of a jewel and the essence of the material. Each work will be backlit with light and magnifying lenses, and designed with the intention of enhancing the beauty of the creation made.