June 13, 2017

Women's Empowerment in Latin American Fashion

From June 8 to 11 we were in Uruguay supporting Latin American fashion.

We deeply believe that international alliances can contribute to the visibility of fashion emerging talent, that promote sustainable businesses and that are a contribution to the industry from innovation and creativity.
In our first time in Uruguay, we had the opportunity to participate with Carry Somers in the master class: “Human Rights in Fashion”.

The MOLA team consists of five women (Valentina Suarez, Doris Helena Rojas, Martina Resguci, Clara Anchorena and Lea Aneiro). Five women who have decided to bet on sustainable fashion trying to achieve economic growth with a positive social impact, reducing the impact on the environment and above all defending the defense of Human Rights. Thanks to women like them, the fashion sector can be regenerated in an industry that dignifies people’s work and promotes new business projects.

During our stay in MOLA, we had the opportunity to know
different projects of innovation and sustainability, but above all we were fortunate
to share this experience with three professional women of the industry in Latin

Paula Gray

Her commitment to ecology, involvement in social causes and
passion for fashion have been central to Paula Gray since her inception as a
Sustainable Designer. For more than 15 years the designer has been working with
the slogan of Slow Fashion, proposing designs that survive the seasons;
Becoming the precursor of this current in Latin America and chosen by Elle
Magazine in the most outstanding Ecological Designers.

Maria del Mar Romero

María is a designer and fashion consultant. Based in
Buenos Aires, María is an eclectic vintage-loving woman who focuses her work on
environmental protection and seeks innovative solutions to reduce the impact of
the fashion industry in her environment. From his international experience, she
studied at Central Saint Martins in London, trying to bring a unique point to
his creations through techniques such as upcycling.

Patricia Rincón

Patricia Rincón is the founder of Slowmotiv, a platform that
promotes sustainable fashion through the concept of modamorphosis:
“fashion as an instrument of eco-sustainable change”. Patricia
defines a slow garment as the one that has as objective to go “from cradle
to cradle”.