June 29, 2017

Virtual Shoe Museum

Liza Snook presents her shoe collection online

If you consider yourself a shoe enthusiast,  you’ll love this super-interesting online resource: the Virtual Shoe
Museum, a huge online collection that compiles hundreds of shoes from designers from
all over the world: From the most extravagant and
one-of-a-kind pieces to shoes created using the latest techniques and

Founded by passionate shoe collector Liza
Snook, the site archives hundreds of creations sorted by colour,
designer, style or material. Moreover, many of them come with insightful
descriptions of their influences and creative process.

Snook has also taken her extensive collection
all around the world, organizing and curating many exhibitions showcasing the designs featured in her website. Now, part of her
collection can be visited at the Museum Art and Design at Schloss Lichtenwalde
(Germany), displayed alongside pictures from photographers  Volker
Hinz, Christin Losta and Olaf Martens.

Budapest next September and Detroit next November are coming up too.

Discover the complete online collection at http://www.virtualshoemuseum.com/