April 20, 2021

The new revolution in the world of fashion is unstoppable

The digital world is growing stronger and offers many opportunities. JOIN TO THE CONFERENCE!

We bring a conference focused on digital fashion, an emerging trend that is revolutionizing the industry at high speed. It requires a lot of new skills and schools are challenged to adapt to this new reality.

The fact that a luxury house like Gucci debuted its first digital sneakers in collaboration with fashion-tech company Wanna last March 2021 is proof of the increasing expansion of this trend.

Education in digital fashion, an investment for the future.

Digital fashion is at the very beginning of its journey. Now is the right time to build a name and reputation for yourself in digital fashion, to attract the attention of a young audience, fashion brands, press and retail.

At the conference, we will discuss where to study digital design, what knowledge and tools are needed in developing a digital collection, and how to use these tools in the practice.

The creators of digital fashion, founders of renowned schools and digital design educators will tell you what, how and why you need to learn now. You will
receive advice on how to develop a career after graduation and become a renowned digital designer.

The conference is divided into two parts. The first is focused on digital design, product creation through Clo3D software and its operation. The second focuses on the world of digital business and all the opportunities it offers, through five key themes:

Key topics of the conference:

1. Why the digital apparel market is gaining momentum and growing faster in 2021.

2. What experience and knowledge is needed to create digital garments.

3. What tools does a designer use to create digital clothes and 3D renderings of real clothes?

4. What are the prospects for a digital designer in the fashion market: collaborations, collaboration with brands, author’s collections.

5. How to master the bright and sought-after profession of a digital designer right now.

The conference is moderated by Liudmila Norsoyan, designer with 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, founder of Fashion Factory School (Moscow), creator of the innovative knitwear brand Norsoyan with sales experience in Bosco and Leform, author of the book “Overlapping the Russian fashion industry “and a member of our international jury.

About the speakers.