June 09, 2017

Sustainable Development and Fashion

During the first day of MOLA, the most important Sustainability Forum of Latin America took place. 

More than 20 speakers addressed the challenges of the industry and presented very different projects based on innovation in order to achieve sustainable products.

One of the projects that most captivated us was: Evea, they intend to contribute to the conservation of forests in the Amozonía and the empowerment of families for sustainable development.

We are a social company of sustainable fashion. We work with Peruvian amazon communities, that elaborate natural latex blankets , also known as vegetable leather, with the premises forest conservation and fair trade.

Evea born as project in 2011 after a trip to the jungle Cristian Gutierrez, administrator, which falls in love with the majestic amazon forests, animals, flora, climate it´s people, however also sees the big problem that the Amazon suffers: The forest deforestation. But he also sees a big chance: The shiringa natural latex.