May 24, 2020

Spring Summer trends 2021

Next May 26 Kutxakultur will host the WGSN trends presentation. Are you ready to know what comes in SS2021?

Knowing the trends is key to tailoring our designs to consumer taste and offering innovative, creative, and commercially profitable products. For this reason, you cannot miss the (virtual) presentation of Trends SS2021 by WGSN, the international authority in terms of forecasting design and consumption trends.

Isabel Mesa has a Law Degree from the Complutense University and Faculte des Affaires Internationales de Le Havre, led the WGSN team in Spain and Portugal since 2006 and since 2019 has been leading the team responsible for key EMEA clients. Hea has been responsible for the expansion of the company’s structure, leading it to exponential growth with the client portfolio and introducing new products and services. As part of his duties, he also enjoys giving seminars and trends talks for clients, as well as attending congresses and events in the sector.

About WGSN:
This trend presentation by WGSN is intended to support product development in light of the current global pandemic. Focusing on the P / V season 21. The presentation includes key trends in messages, color palette, fabrics, prints and key products of the season.
Their consumer and design forecasts empower relevant and innovative product design, enabling our customers to build a better future. They do this by constantly monitoring the signs of change that they know will impact the way the consumer thinks, feels and behaves. Their experts connect the dots to accurately predict the products, experiences and services we will need for years to come.

Date: May 26

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Free registration here