August 26, 2018

Rickard Lindqvist and WEF present a a workshop on Kinetic Pattern at Balenciaga museum

Rickard Lindqvist, consultant to Vivienne Westwood and Nudie Jeans, presents his research with the Zero Waste method

The Swedish designer Rickard Lindqvist comes to Getaria through WEF to present his workshop “Kinetic Pattern”, which was born with the aim of expanding the vision that exists on the fashion industry and its processes, frame new perspectives and research points, as well as making visible the new aspects within the design, promoting in the students and professionals the curiosity and interest in new fields of creation, as well as the understanding and approach towards niche markets and business opportunities not yet explored.

The workshop “Kinetic Patterns” respects the parameters and objectives of sustainable fashion, whose commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of zero waste and one piece method. The workshop “Patterns Kinetic” gives a voice to a new proposal that responds to the reduction of environmental impact, as well as a fashion adapted to the movement of the human body.

The research and development of the work of Rickard Lindqvist introduce the student to an understanding of body movement and pattern making as two elements that must respond and relate to each other.

“In WEF we seek to provide experiences, and opportunities to publicize design tools that allow developing and promoting this awareness of what in the history of design will become something irrefutable,” said Gisela Fortuna, Director of Work Experience Fashion. “That’s why we want to extend our Invitation to the student to be an element of these emerging movements, a new generation with an unconventional approach, because design is to see the change in positive, we can not continue blinded trying to adapt an outdated design to an updated society. ”

With the workshop “Kinetic Pattern”, which will be taught from September 22 to 23, the student will learn techniques that respond to natural movement and biomechanical points of the human body, expand their vision and ability to question themselves when designing, taking into account new parameters that allow you to propose effective and fresh solutions.

In addition to this, WEF always seeks to encourage new design and pattern making methodologies that are very useful to maximize the results of artists’ creations and to differentiate themselves from the rest.
That is why together with Kutxa Kultur Moda, the Balenciaga Museum and Work Experience Fashion we can invite you to the master class open to the public that will take place on Thursday, September 21 at Kutxa Kultur Moda, Tabakalera, Plaza de las Cigarreras, 1, 20012 Saint Sebastian

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