April 10, 2017


Pompeii is one of the most successfull spanish startup, its founders will be at III Forum BIAAF.

Jaime Garrastazu and Cosme Bergareche are two of the co-founders of the Spanish’s shoe brand Pompeii. Pompeii is a paradigmatic example of how, with lots of creativity and little money, a fashion label can become a success in less than three years.

Garrastazu and Bergareche founded Pompeii in 2014, alongside brothers Jorge and Nacho Vidri, when they where still attending college. They started with 18000 euros, with which they created the prototype for their now famous sneakers and an initial run of only 349 pairs. Their main asset was their social network marketing campaign. Through Facebook and Instagram they got a faithful fan base even before selling the product.

Nowadays Pompeii is one of the most successful Spanish start-ups, with 17 employees and half a million euros billed in 2015. At the III Forum BIAAF we will find through them, how to develop a new and booming business model, with especial attention at the original way of communicating of these entrepreneurs.

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