January 28, 2018

Opencall: Local Design at the Balenciaga Museum

If you are a young fashion designer, you can not miss this opportunity

As a support to entrepreneurship and with the aim of giving visibility to the talent of artists, craftsmen, designers, or local brands, FUNDACIÓN CRISTÓBAL BALENCIAGA FUNDAZIOA aims to enable a space at Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa -in the commercial area of ​​the museum- that allows the exhibition and sale in deposit of products of the own collections of these creators.

Consequently, for the second consecutive year, the museum presents a call to select a set of up to 8 proposals that coexist in the exhibition-commercial space enabled for this purpose, and in two different periods, organized into 2 groups of up to 4 proposals . The period for each set of 4 proposals will be approximately 5 months, from March 24 to August 12, 2018 the first, and from August 13 to January 7, 2019 the second. The distribution and arrangement of proposals for each season will be borne by the Cristóbal Balenciaga Foundation. The registration period will be open until next February 18.

Check all the info here: http://www.cristobalbalenciagamuseoa.com/default/documentos/237_es-descarga_convocatoria.pdf