May 02, 2017

Naiz app

With Naiz app you can get your measurements and your exact size scanning your silhouette only using your front camera.

How many times have you spotted an amazing shirt online, you watch all the pictures and style combinations and you completely fall in love with it, but when you are just about to buy it yo face a massive wall: what size do i need for this shirt? That is how Naiz came up, as a solution to a need that both retailers and buyers suffer when buying online: the size selection. This is not only stopping greater online purchases, but also generates a massive amount of returns due to size issues.

Naiz is a mobile app that, with just two pictures that you take yourself with your smartphone, integrates an algorithm system that is able to obtain your body measurements so that you know what exact size you need when buying any garment online. First, you introduce your height, weight, gender and date of birth. Second, you place the phone standing between your house wall and floor and the selfie camera will turn on. Third, you place yourself in front of the smartphone facing forward and sidewise. Done! With just three ease steps and in less than a minute you can know your exact fit for any garment.

It is important to distinguish between buyers and sellers. The first ones, our users, can obtain their body measurements with our mobile app completely free and they can compare them with the garments they want to buy among the brands that work with Naiz. The second ones, the brands that became our clients, will be able to drastically improve their shopping chart conversion rate and reduce the returns due to size issues. The prices we charge for the size recommendation will depend on their selling volumes, but we believe on a win-win relationship: we will only charge them if they sell, nothing to do with those fix price services that you do not know the real impact you get in exchange! Basically, we increase the net sales of our brands and improve the buying experience saying goodbye to returns!

The 1st of August we will launch the first version of Naiz to the market, both the mobile app and the plug-ins to install Naiz on the online retailers with just a click. To do so, we have opened a selection process for the trial period that will run between August and November. Originally, we were looking at a final selection of up to 3 brands, but due to the interest that we have generated we have increased the number of brands to be selected for the trial period and we are still receiving proposals. It is crazy the interest that we are generating! And f there is anyone else looking for more info, feel free to visit or directly contact our CMO ay!