April 06, 2019

MOLA leads sustainability in the Latin American fashion industry

MOLA, a Latin American sustainable fashion hub, has become an international benchmark with its meeting in Montevideo.

The MOLA Latin American sustainable fashion international hub by Entre Soles y Lunas Foundation has completed the first regional edition of its sustainable fashion meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay. For three days, sustainable fashion in Latin America was present through different industry players who met to discuss, learn, visualize and exchange. The objective was to expose and invite the public to get involved with this issue that touches us all as citizens.

The Week of Latin American Fashion – Regional Montevideo, happened from Wednesday 20 to Friday, March 22 in the Uruguayan capital, where the focus was placed on awareness about the current situation of the textile and fashion industry in Latin America and in the management , purpose and integral training of sustainable fashion ventures in all the links of the value chain.

With instances that included a forum, round of opportunities, workshops, talks, conferences and a fashion manifesto; MOLA vibrated in unison with the Uruguayan heritage since everything happened in the Cabildo of Montevideo, the Cultural Center of Spain and the Plaza Matriz, located in the heart of the Old City of the Uruguayan capital.

The meeting was attended by more than 30 speakers and speakers who gave an integral look to the sustainability in the textile and fashion industry: Uruguayan Secretariat of the Wool, Ruralanas, who told about their processes and works in Latin America, Ana de Prado or Cintia Figueredo. The morning culminated with the peaceful videoconference by Guillem Ferrer, Spanish designer and environmental activist that carries out the organization Poc a Poc.

It is worth highlighting the very interesting conference of the MOLA directors, Valentina Suárez and Doris Helena Rojas, who spoke about the importance of sustainable fashion in Latin America and Adi Maoz, Leader of the Postgraduate Program of the Istituto Marangoni in Paris, talked about the new consumer, the importance of the transversal Sustainability, the new parameters and the future of fashion, achieved thanks to the alliance with Federica Levrero.

Added to this display of talent and knowledge, at the MOLA meeting, workshops like GAIA followed one another and once again the Fashion Manifesto stood out both for its vindication and its careful aesthetics.

Images: Fátima Velasco