August 28, 2017

MOLA first edition

Three days in Uruguay during 36 hours of event, more than 1500 attendees from 10 countries, 25 presentations, more than 75,000 people reached ... this was the first edition of MOLA.

First edition of the annual event of MOLA. Central activity of the platform for the creation of a MOLA Network, themassive promotion of consciousness and sustainable fashion. Different actions for different people filled three intense days with knowledge,exchange and richness, working from the concept to the piece and communication, just like the fashion production process.

Through the forum, certain themes were touched from different pointsof view and professionals. The five main panels were: manufacture, raw materials production, communication and business of fashion & Innovation and technology

Professionals from all over Latin America, Europe and Israel, exposedtheir projects, works and researches to a full-packed room during a whole journey of 9 hours.