November 26, 2018

Moda Latinoamericana, the documentary that will change the industry

Rodrigo Muller explains how he’s living this unique project in Latam and how he sacrificed his life as a model in London to build a better world 

The documentary is
about Sustainable fashion and crafts in Latin America, what do
you think of the textile industry in the region?

The textile industry in
Latin America is an entity with historic, cultural and economic characteristics
that set it apart from the rest of the world. I want to see the textile
industry in Latin America growing towards sustainability. Specially when it comes
to wool and cotton. Let’s not forget the pillars of sustainability: social,
cultural, environmental, economical and technological.

How did the idea of
creating the documentary “Moda Latinoamericana” come up?

I studied sociology and
law in college. My final project in law was about environmental law. A few
years later when I was living in London and working as model I found out about
all the problems of the fashion industry. However, it was in London as well I
found out about the moment of sustainable fashion. I felt very uncomfortable
with my role as model so I gave up modeling for a while. a little while later I
decided to start a research through out Latin America to see what was happening
in terms of sustainable fashion. In 2011 I left London and I went to live in
Brazil. In 2012 I went to live in Uruguay. In 2014 I went to live in Chile. I
made pre interviews in Argentina, Peru and other countries. In 2016 I realized
I had a urgent and important project in my hands. More importantly I had the
support of the most important agents of transformation in the world in the bias
of sustainable fashion.



As the main actor and
director of the film, how did you live this experience? What is the most
important lesson you have learned from the different communities with which you
have shared?

Life is funny. I never
thought I would become a model. I just accepted the job to be able to afford my
studies. I never thought I would become a fighter of sustainable fashion. I
just couldn’t cope with the fact that my job as model had serious consequences
in the world. The most important lesson I learned so far is that we can
certainly choose to make the difference in the world. I am an example. I could
have kept working as model and use my money to travel or do anything I wanted.
InsteadI decided to do what I felt was right. I made the research in Latin
America and I created MDAL. Now my team and I are working hard in this
wonderful film project to bring awareness about conscious consumption and
sustainable fashion in Latim America. We are helping to bring independent
information to the people. Like many other activists did before us. The
movement of sustainability is no longer a trend. It’s the future. I still learn
so much in every place I go in Latin America. I just can’t wait to show it all
to the world.

If you had to summarize
the documentary in three words, they would be …

Latin America, future,



When and where can we
watch the documentary? How can we help this initiative?

We want the documentary
to be available by 2020 in online platforms and internet. Everybody can help
the project contacting us on social media or email. We want to spread the word
of sustainability with everybody. We can all be part of this movement. Really!
We choose the kind of world we want to live in.