December 04, 2018

Looking for sustainable alternatives makes us more creative

Elisa Palomino, lecturer at Central Saint Martins, visits Bilbao for the European sustainable fashion conference organized by BIAAF and the British Council in collaboration with BBK and BIDC

250 people attended the European Sustainable Fashion Conference on November 20 in Bilbao under the title “Sustainable Handicrafts and Textiles for Fashion” co-organized by BIAAF and the British Council. During the day highlighted the intervention of Elisa Palomino, fashion designer and professor at Central Saint Martins, London:

“Sustainable practices are fully incorporated into the fashion sector and take advantage of an opportunity rather than a challenge for the industry, designers can now be their own sustainable materials taking care of the environment.” Craft connects the search for materials with greater The relationship with the natural world, and promotes sustainable development and social impact, has begun Elisa Palomino.

“The end of the 80s, it was unique, in the Master, my best friend was Alexander McQueen and years later I started working for Jonh Galliano collaborating from the design of menswear to perfumes” explained Elisa Palomino to give a global vision of a fashion company. All this creative baggage has led her to constantly research fabrics and more responsible options.

“The key part of a designer or a fashion brand is not design, it is the previous step: research. If a research does not deepen, the result will not be optimal, that is explained to my students every day” said Palomino .

For this reason, one of the projects that most excited him was working with fish skin as an alternative to other skins (such as crocodile) with different communities in the Nordic countries. “Find alternatives that are more sustainable and responsible with the environment, investigate options, enhance our creativity and help us take care of our environment”.

For its part, Charo Álvarez – Director of Bilbao International Art & Fashion – highlighted the great capacity of Bilbao to host events with an international impact as high as the sustainable fashion conference. “These projects are born of the alliance and public-private support led by the Bilbao City Council and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.”