July 13, 2017

LOEWE Craft Prize 2018

Inscription for the second edition of the competition have begun

Some months ago we talked about the first edition of the
LOEWE Craft Prize
, created by LOEWE Foundation to celebrate modern craftwork.
German designer Ernst Gamperl won the 2017 edition with his work “Tree of Life
2”. Now, the second edition of the contest has started, and its registration
period started last June 19th, closing next October 17th.

All participants must be professional artisans
18 years or older, presenting original pieces, handmade or partly handmade, within
an area of the applied arts, such as ceramics, wood, jewellery, leather, glass,
paper, etc. As they claim on their website, the competition hopes to
demonstrate the importance of craftsmanship in culture “by identifying work
that reinterprets existing knowledge to make it relevant today while reflecting
its maker’s personal language and distinct hand (…)”. The jury is formed by
renowned figures of design, architecture, journalism, critique and museum, such
as Jonathan Anderson (Creative Director of LOEWE), Rosy Greenlees (President of
World Crafts Council) or last year’s winner, Earnst Gamperl.

More information at http://craftprize.loewe.com/en/home