July 12, 2020

LEINN ARTS, the first degree of entrepreneurship in the creative industries

Mondragon and Last Tour launch a pioneering degree that will strengthen the educational ecosystem in the creative sector

Under the consolidated LEINN (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) methodology of the University of Mondragón, next September LEINN Arts will begin, a unique opportunity for all those young people who seek training in the creative and cultural industries under the focus of learning by doing .

LEINN Arts is different than other degrees, “we do not have students, but entrepreneurs”, there are no teachers “but coaches, artists and experts who accompany young people during the four years of the degree”. A pioneering learning methodology where there are no exams but each entrepreneur learns from real projects and challenges that are presented to them.

LEINN ARTS is a four years challenge of intense and exciting work. A journey that changes people’s lives, who become world citizens with a global vision and the ability to translate it into projects that can change their environment. Entrepreneurs, changemakers in arts and creative and cultural industries with strong human values and who understand the company as an instrument to transform the world for good.