August 31, 2017

Kutxa Kultur Moda Program

Kutxa Kultur Moda offers an annual residence. Six designers, who give a permanent space in Fabrika in addition to training, promotion, advice, diffusion and parades for a year. 

Among the activities developed by Kutxa Fundazioa, the Kutxa Kultur Moda program supports the world of creation and fashion design in Gipuzkoa. The objective of this program is to promote, train and promote emerging and amateur designers of the territory to develop in the near future a professional career in the fashion sector.

Kutxa Fundazioa believes that Gipuzkoa has all the necessary ingredients to return to being a fashion reference as it has been in the past, in a sector with the potential to generate employment in the near future. It is also a priority objective of the program to weave networks with other agents of the territory and contribute among all to restore the value chain of the fashion sector, partially broken in recent years.

In addition, Kutxa Fundazioa has among its signs of identity the promotion of the development of sustainability. Kutxa Kultur Moda will promote the application of environmental and social criteria in all the actions that it develops within this program.