June 21, 2018

Interview with Maite Tuset, Artistic Director at MAC

Maite Tuset, artistic director at MAC, is one of those women who inspire you and encourage you to be a better professional and person, we spoke with her in the framework of the VI edition of our contest.

The other day in the masterclass you discussed the importance of being yourself to achieve all your goals. Tell us how your career has been and what concrete milestones can inspire young creators

I think one of the bases, especially speaking under the shadow of my experience, is to be true to your style, your personality, your way of working … today we are subjected to a high pressure of constant criticism due to social networks that can create real insecurities, fears and reversals that I consider unnecessary. Today the range is wide and the criterion is subjective, nothing is mandatory and everything … or almost everything, it’s worth it.

Adapting to modern life, there are also new opportunities and a freedom that we did not have before, the freedom to be authentic (which does not mean being a visionary or walking in search of the most extravagant or novel in our eyes), being authentic is be you, and although it may seem simple, it is often the most complicated chapter in life.

In my professional career, I have guided without knowing my passion, there can be a path in art that is not guided by passion, passion makes you believe in yourself, makes your goals and dreams, almost without realizing it, they are
fulfilling. It is about not only surviving this world, but about doing it with love, dedication, smile and optimism. The passion in the fashion industry, as in many others, is essential.

When I started to make up (thanks to my mother who enrolled me in an aesthetic school that I attended makeup and drawing classes, in an impasse from my studies at the institute) I realized that what I was learning could not become ’work’ (what comes to mind as work … boredom …), that the moment my day to day dedicated to this would be fun, that I had the good fortune that there was something that motivated me to follow, to learn, to follow the greats … at
that time there were no social networks … in fact I think neither the mobiles… hahaha, so reaching certain content or referencing was more complicated, maybe it made us more authentic … maybe we have become contaminated with the excess of information or perhaps on the contrary, as I commented before, the freedom of choice that globalization offers us gives us relaxation in expression.

In my case… I have always thought, not only in my profession, but in life, that sometimes the more ignorant one is (and I do not speak of culture) more authentic and happier. In short, passion and authenticity as an individual are the keys to personal success.

In a profession where social media appeals to a frenetic speed … How can we give rein to our creativity, think and devise?

Knowing oneself is key to believing in your creativity. Many times when your day to day is complicated because there are certain elements that cloud your clear mind ready to create, creative minds are invaded by the feeling of emptiness, having lost an arm … so you have to free yourself from pressures, from what that social networks communicate, you have to enjoy social networks as a distraction, as inspiration, but not live them as a shackle that impedes our step forward.

The practice and experience will make you know each day more, to discover what elements, what stroke, what movement or what style make you breathe calmly and that is where you release yourself from pressures and begin to be true to yourself, to trust in you. When you trust yourself everything is much easier and more pleasant, it is when your mind thinks more clearly, it is your comfort zone to incite the presence of creativity. Any idea is good as long as you believe in it.

You have worked with a multitude of young designers, what does it mean for you to work with a platform like BIAAF?

I find it wonderful, I find people full of passion, enthusiasm, imagination, interest … it is tremendously satisfying to have contributed my bit and support platforms like Biaaf that discover new talents and support emerging designers from around the world They have a lot to say and contribute to the culture in general.

The beginnings always have to be good and they are so because of the illusion with which we started to direct the passion one way or the other.