September 27, 2022

How to build a brand

They are Claudia Pérez and Pablo Izquierdo, the creators behind the NAGUISA shoe brand. Textilianas x BIAAF podcast

Do you know when you meet someone, and then you realize and understand their whole universe? Well, the same thing has happened to Igone with the brand NAGUISA. All the aura that the brand breathes is a true reflection of the couple in charge.

They transmit love, beauty and passion for what they do, and also surrounded by affection. We discover how they started and why they formed the brand, and even more, why they started and focused on espadrilles.

Now they have expanded the product, and they are not as seasonal as espadrilles can be, but their hallmark is still the wonderful espadrilles. That as they did at the beginning, the brand was linked to summer.

We also talk about the collaborations they do with different brands. For those of you who are wondering, what criteria do they follow? His response: Hunches! Among his latest collaborations is the one with MR. LASPIUR, who we were lucky enough to talk to on the EP. 20 3D printed earrings. (You can remember it here).

As usual in the Textilianas fashion podcast, we address the issue of the materials they use, how they approach the collections (inspiration, colors), sales (how they started, and how they are now), how their role has evolved in company after 10 years of success and much more!