June 05, 2020

Hoping for a brighter future: 30 great fashion stories

Emerging talents’ passion for fashion overcomes all obstacles in a unique 7th Edition of BIAAF’s International Contest

During the past weeks, fashion designers worldwide have had to face a complex, uncertain scenario, seeing in despair their collections being on hold for not having access to materials, suppliers or machinery… However, many of them have managed to overcome this challenging situation  with a huge amount of hard work, creativity and passion for fashion.

BIAAF International Emerging Fashion Design Competition is a great example of this new situation. The international competition’s 30 finalists had to adapt themselves as well as their workspaces, in order to face the last phase of the competition. “There have been so many setbacks… but they all continued working on their collections despite the circumstances,” says Mª Victoria Cañas, BIAAF’s President and Founder. “It has been the greatest challenge we have faced in the 12 years of our platform’s history, but we count with a great team that has made the impossible possible.”

Each collection received from the finalist designers has meant a little triumph, a battle won in an extremely difficult situation. Each and every one of these collections is the reflection of an exceptional, unforgettable edition. BIAAF’s commitment towards emerging designers is now more necessary than ever, and decisive in order to offer them a more promising outlook than the current one. We hope to build a, more human, supportive, inclusive and sustainable future together. That is the soul of BIAAF’s new campaign “Weaving our future”.

“On this 7th Edition, we not only have 30 outstanding collections, but also 30 great stories that reveal the concerns and hopes of these young talents who conceive fashion as an artistic and creative expression,” says Mª Victoria Cañas. BIAAF is currently in permanent touch with this exceptional edition’s 30 finalists, who are aspiring to be  the winners of the Best Garment Design and the Best Accessories Design awards.