April 07, 2017

H&M Global Change Awards

The winners propose innovative innitiatives about sustainability in fashion

For the second year, H&M has given its Global Change Awards to the most innovative projects on sustainability. More than 2800 projects were presented, but only five were chosen by the jury and made it to the popular vote. However, none of them have left empty handed, as the one million euro prize was split between them.

This year the first place went to the project “Grape Leather” that won 300.000 euro. The Italian team behind it, formed by Rosella Longobardo, Gianpiero Tessitore, Francesco Merlino and Valentina Longobardo, proposed recycling winemaking leftovers to create vegetal leather.

The second place went to a project based on solar textiles. They propose the production of nylon using only water, plant waste and solar energy, while trapping carbon emissions.

The third project is the creation of intelligent tags that will give information about each garments correct form of recycling.

The forth finalist is “Denim-dyed Denim” which proposes a new technique that uses old denim to dye new one, reducing the water and energy used for the process.

Finally, the fifth project “Manure Courture” suggests using cow manure to create new biodegradable textile.

For more information: https://globalchangeaward.com/