September 23, 2016

Fashion Film Festival

Nowadays, there are a lot Fashion Film Festivals around over the world. Nevertheless there are few such as Madrid, Berlin and Santiago.


MadridFFF is a showcase of the best audiovisual work made for the fashion industry that took place in Conde Duque Madrid from May 30th to June 2nd.

Lectures, panels, presentations and exhibits, that along with the contest aimed at both professionals and young talents, make the content we have seen in the third edition of MadridFFF.


Every year Berlin Fashion Film Festival brings together top creatives and thought-leaders to present and award the best film productions on fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Focusing on celebrating talent and learning, BFFF connects filmmakers, producers, creative agencies, brands, labels and designers.


Santiago International Fashion Film Festival (SAIFFF) is the first festival made in Chile that combines movie and fashion in an event designed to promote the cultural and creative expression of these artistic manifestations.

A platform that allows filmmakers and designers – emerging or professional-, to show their work and creations, delving in to the reasons of this new film genre and the way that it presents a unique aesthetic and narrative language, result of the evolution and fusion between movie and fashion.