October 25, 2022



Is it possible to transform fashion towards a sustainable and innovative future? This and other challenges have been shared on November 18 in the session organized by Bilbao International Art and Fashion  in collaboration with the Basque BioDesign Center, collaborate during Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week 2022 .

Jef Montes is the winner of the 8th Edition of our international fashion design competition, and creative director of Studio Adaptive Skins. Founded in 2018, Studio Adaptive Skins develops its own designs in addition to offering a wide range of biodegradable materials and innovative production development services to other platforms and companies. Sustainability, “Zero Waste” design and upcycling are at the center of each project.

The search for alternative ways to recreate the production system is constantly investigated with the aim of designing a new production chain starting from a fiber or yarn until the desired material or garment is achieved.


At the end of the conference, the winner of the Tanween Challenge, a challenge on BioFashion and Technology, directed by the BDC in Ithra, Saudi Arabia, was presented. The winner, Manahel Algassem, told how the creative process of her winning design was, a bag with Kombucha leather, inspired by Saudi culture and heritage.

The session was broadcast live via streaming, followed by an interactive workshop with the two artists.

You can watch the conference deferred at this link.