March 12, 2019

Fashion and heritage. The keys to the new exhibition at the Balenciaga Museum

You can discover at the Balenciaga’s Museum the new exhibition that goes beyond the aesthetic, a dialogue between fashion and heritage

Fashion and Heritage is transformed, with this new edition, into a series. A work in progress, as is the Museum’s own collection where the exhibition discourse grows, including the contributions of new research, new materials and new contents. An open and alive proposal that progresses with new layers of knowledge and the possibilities to explore them offered by new technologies.

The exhibition will occupy six exhibition rooms, about 1000 m2 of the Museum, from March 1, 2019 to January 12, 2020, and will have 80 pieces of clothing that, for the most part, have not been exhibited before. The technology will continue to be present in this exhibition, facilitating interactivity through digitalisations that allow us to observe in detail (megapixel) the pieces, their 360º vision, and infographics on their technical construction.

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