May 31, 2020

Fashinnovation celebrates its second edition on June (5th-8th)

BIAAF joins as an institutional partner in this initiative that seeks a more responsible industry with the environment and people.

After a very successful 1st edition, will be hosting its 2nd edition of “Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks” in partnership with Oceana and the Conscious Fashion Campaign, with advisory support by the United Nations Office for Partnerships.

International leaders in the fashion and technology industries as well as personas from various institutions will gather to continue the conversation on sustainability, “the future of fashion …”, solidarity and hope – with a strong emphasis on “World Environment Day” and “World Oceans Day”.

The founders

Marcelo & Jordana Guimaraes – husband and wife – are the founders of FASHINNOVATION. Marcelo has been in the entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout his life, always dealing with enterprises incorporating innovations and technology. Jordana has been in the fashion industry, in the marketing and public relations department.

When Marcelo presented a thought to Jordana of developing an event to assemble a group of diverse entrepreneurs to inspire via panel talks, and followed it up with one simple question: “Would it make sense to mix enterprises and technology with the world of fashion?”. With where Fashion is headed today, Jordana jumped at the opportunity to share ideas with him, which in turn launched FASHINNOVATION.

Fashinnovation, second edition

Meet all the speakers at Fashinnovation, including Rebeca Minkoff, Susan Rockefeller, James Reinhart, Marie-Claire Daveu, David Breslauer, Julie Verdugo or Sara Sozzani Maino.

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