January 08, 2017

Exhibition Highlight: Neska Dress

Exhibition highlight. "Coal and Velvet. Takes on popular costumes from Ortiz Echagüe and Balenciaga"

In 1933, Rosa Balenciaga Eizaguirre, Cristóbal’s niece, studied in The Convent Palace Gate, a Catholic school for girls in Exeter (England). Correct behaviour and composure and a basic mastery of French and English were considered essential for becoming properly involved in society events.

Some well-to-do families in San Sebastian sent their daughters there for a time, to complete their training. The French nuns organised events which each of the girls attended wearing the traditional dress of their region. Ms Olabe and Ms Regidor attended the party dressed in the neska, along with Rosa Balenciaga. The dresses were made in the workshop in San Sebastian at the request of the families, since they were regular clients of the couturier.

More info: http://www.cristobalbalenciagamuseoa.com/en/explore/exhibition-highlight/neska-dress-.html

Neska dress. Navy blue pintuck blouse with white stripes atop red wool gathered skirt. Mercerised black cotton apron with patch pockets.  White cotton kerchiefs with brown stamping. 1933. Belonged to María Rita Regidor Fonticiella. CBM 1999.01 ad