February 17, 2018

Everything you need to know about the new edition of MOLA

From 22nd to 27th of May, MOLA, the most important Latin American sustainable fashion platform will take place in Montevideo (Uruguay). 

MOLA is the international and multi-disciplinary platform for sustainable fashion in Latin America, from the “Heritage in Motion” program of the Entre Soles y Lunas Foundation, and co-produced by Dolmen, which aims to promote and position the design and fashion industry in Latin America. the world.

The platform is based on sustainability, innovation and technology. Socialize knowledge, research, creativity and design emerged from different parts of the American continent, together with references from Europe and Asia.
With this, MOLA intends to intervene in the fashion value chain to generate alternatives for sustainable development, especially for young people and producing communities, to which they can reap greater well-being and quality of life.

One of the great changes of this edition is that it will have three headquarters: Cabildo de Montevideo, Cultural Center of Spain and the Carnival Museum. If in 2017 MOLA managed to shake the city Montevideo, this 2018 will undoubtedly manage to mobilize and raise awareness among a greater number of people.

What are the keys to this edition? MOLA will deal with fundamental issues in the fashion industry such as water resources in its WATER section and cultural heritages, traditions … in its PATRIMONY section. Undoubtedly, the debates that take place on Human Rights, Sustainability and good practices in these fields will be fundamental for the reflection of the industry.

As a guest country we can find Ecuador, a strategic alliance for the unstoppable growth of MOLA and that will undoubtedly bring wealth and value to this new edition.

Featured activities of 2018:

May 23: Forum: Production of Raw Materials · Manufacturing · Design & Creativity · Communication & Fashion Business · Technology and Innovation.
May 24: Round of opportunities and workshops
May 25: Hilatorio and lecture
May 26: Gallery of sale and walkways