October 12, 2018

Everything we know about the MET Gala 2019

We already know the topic and the hosts of the MET 2019 gala. 

The launch of the annual exhibition of MET Museum of New York is the most relevant event in fashion calendar. The big magazines of fashion make this event the most important annual event for fashion that mixes, art and fashion. The event led by the almighty Anna Wintour brings together the best of New York’s high society and its influence is such that it has its own documentary: First Monday in May. 

The MET 2019 gala will have the theme “Camp, fashion notes”. At this point, what’s “Camp style”?? Mr. Google helps us to find out what the Camp style is (and certainly many celebrities have had to do the same thing).

This concept comes from the work of Susan Sontag Notes on Camp (1964), his first contribution to the literary magazine Partisan Review. In this work Susan Sontag summarizes her treatise in 58 points that quickly raised her to the rank of intellectual celebrity. “The essence of the camp is his love for the unnatural: the artifice and the exaggeration,” the author wrote. Applied to fashion, we could say that the camp includes those exaggerated designs, ironic, overloaded and even inspired by previous eras, we are told from SModa.

Another of the most important points of the MET Gala are its hosts, this 2019 will be headed by Lady Gaga, Serena Williams and Harry Styles, a perfect combination to grab all the headlines of the month of May.