January 24, 2019

Elio Berhanyer dies at 89

Elio Berhanyer dies the last master of Spanish fashion at 89 years of age.

The main specialized media echo this sad news today:

“When Elio Berhanyer hung up the white coat and kept the scissors, the needle and the thread something broke inside him, it was the heart, and he could not mend it himself, it was very hard but he kept attending the parades of Angel Schlesser, Juan Duyos and Hannibal Laguna, who, as Elio said, “are the only ones who invite me” – Flash Moda

“One day before the MBFWM begins, Spanish fashion is dressed in mourning to dismiss the one who has been one of its great names, the designer Elio Berhanyer, who has died at 89 in his residence in Madrid, as confirmed to the Efe Agency, family sources: “I will die with my boots on and in love with my profession, sewing,” he said in one of his last interviews with Efe. – Harper’s Bazaar

“He spent the night in Madrid with Ava Gardner, who also dressed -” the most beautiful woman I have dressed, but was not elegant, things as they are “- renewed the reviled guild of models with young people and elegant socialites – he was the one who internationally launched the sisters Naty and Ana María Abascal as a unique and very fast Spanish model – and allowed himself to be refined eccentricities like a fox he took from bars hanging from his neck like a stole and a cheetah – with his corresponding cage with heating for the winter – that once or twice provoked the alarm at home – “with the German ambassador, his wife fainted” – and out of it – “the only time I thought of taking him out for a walk in my Jaguar white convertible “. – Vogue Spain

“Modesto Lomba:” The death of Elio is the end of the golden age of Spanish haute couture “The president of the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain remembers the designer, who has died at home at 89 years old”. – SModa