September 01, 2017

EcoChic Design Awards

Talented stylist Sean Kunjambu and photographer Wing Shya capture the mood of each of the EcoChic Design Award 2017 finalists’ unique waste reducing designs in a photoshoot to remember. 

The spotlight is firmly on what can be achieved when you mix boundless creativity, genuine innovation as well as a fresh fight for change in fashion and on the planet with beautiful, raw, waste materials. Emphasizing the aims of the competition, the rich, intricate textures of the collections are juxtaposed against everyday items that are often discarded too soon to demonstrate the detrimental effects of over consumerism and the scale of wastefulness, in Hong Kong and across the world.

Photographer: Wing Shya
Studio: Shyalala Workshop Ltd.
Stylist: Sean Kunjambu
Hair: Marco Chan – KMS Guest Artist & International Session Hairstylist
Make-up: Elaw Wong,
Models: Xu Yao Yao, Zhang Yi Yan

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