June 22, 2017

Earth Matters

An exhibition that reflects on the importance of sustainability in fashion and design

The Textiel Museum at Tilburg (the Netherlands)
presents the exhibition Earth Matters, which can be visited until next November
th. The display reflects on sustainability applied to design and
the importance of the respect to natural resources.

showcase is divided in four themes:  ‘Honouring Origins’, ‘Collecting
Ingredients’, ‘Reinventing Materials’ and ‘Sustaining Production’. Through
these themes, the exhibition displays innovative projects that contribute to
sustainability in fashion and design.

In Honoring Origins, the exhibition suggests a
return to the origins, to the sources of the material that create the products.
Collecting Ingredients is based on the search for more organic and ecological
raw materials made by designers and artisans. Meanwhile, Reinventing Materials
centers on recycling in order to make new products. Lastly, in Sustaining
Production, the exhibition turns to the production process of textiles,
reflecting on the way this process can be less harming for our planet,
specially through the little use of chemicals and water.

More information at http://www.textielmuseum.nl/en/exposition/earth-matters-curated-by-lidewij-edelkoort-philip-fimmano